Pragmatic, democratic, digital

Making future-proof decisions with science. Implementing them with solid technology.


An agile, sustainable and prosperous Switzerland through science and technology.


CH++ is committed to using scientific and technological excellence to strengthen and efficiently implement our country's democratic decisions - for the benefit of all.


CH++ and me

Basic principle: Technology and science benefit us all directly in our everyday lives and work, regardless of who we are.

  • Technologies and scientific knowledge should be used in a way that enhances the well-being of all of us.
  • CH++ works to ensure that technologies are used in a non-discriminatory and fair manner.
  • CH++ promotes self-responsibility and self-determination in dealing with scientific knowledge and new technologies.
  • CH++ is open to people who are committed to strengthening scientific and technological competencies, regardless of profession, age, origin or party-political convictions.

CH++ and democracy

Basic principle: Technology and science should inform and strengthen democratic decisions.

  • CH++ advocates for a democratic participation in the governmental use of science and technology for policy purposes.
  • CH++ advocates for new technologies to promote and strengthen democratic institutions and processes.
  • CH++ supports policy makers in their decision-making. We are committed to ensuring that these decisions are made and implemented in light of the most current scientific and technological knowledge.

CH++ and the state

Basic principle: A technologically and scientifically competent state contributes to the ability to act, prosperity, and freedom.

  • Technologies and scientific knowledge should promote the state's ability to act.
  • CH++ is committed to a Switzerland that can maintain its prosperity and independence thanks to strong technological competence.
  • CH++ is committed to an innovative digitalization of the administration while preserving individual freedoms.
  • CH++ advocates for transparency in government decision-making processes related to science and technology.
  • CH++ advocates for Switzerland to be a pioneer in the field of science and technology, and to promote science and technology globally while strengthening democracy and human rights.

CH++ and the knowledge

Basic principle: Knowledge is power, and therefore participation in it must be open to all.

  • CH++ advocates for open and facilitated access to knowledge and skills acquisition.
  • CH++ wants to use technological innovation to increase knowledge and strengthen competencies, and to make both more easily accessible and usable.
  • CH++ promotes the development and use of science and technology as a common good, to be used and available equally by all members of society.

CH++ and the economy

Basic principle: Science and technology strengthen the economy, and thus our jobs.

  • CH++ is committed to ensuring that Switzerland remains economically competitive thanks to the sustainable use of new technologies, and that it shapes this change productively.
  • CH++ wants to strengthen the Swiss economy and its jobs through broad and deep technological and scientific expertise.

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